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The Top Five Things I Learned at the 2015 Teeny Awards

The following post was written by Marketing Intern Noelle McCabe.

This week, I celebrate my one month anniversary of officially joining the Seattle Rep family as the 2015-2016 Marketing Intern. Since my first day here at the Rep, I have already had the opportunity to learn and do a wide variety of exciting things. I have read the plays for the season, researched partnership organizations and possible collaborative promotions, written copy for patron communications, been introduced to some awesome members of the SRO (Seattle Repertory Organization), met staff from every department at two fun company cook-outs (one in heavy Seattle rain – classic), toasted the opening night of A View from the Bridge and much, much more!

TeenTix SRT Selfie Booth
Noelle (right) and friend at the Teeny Awards posing in the Seattle Rep Selfie Booth.

An unexpected pleasure was representing the theatre at the Teeny Awards, hosted by an awesome organization called TeenTix. As stated on their website, TeenTix is a group that aims to create generations of arts-supporters by “empowering young people to take an active role in shaping their arts community as audience members, critics, influencers, advocates, patrons, and leaders.” An evening of glamorous red-carpet posing and mini-cupcake-munching, the Teeny Awards are a night meant to recognize the partnership organizations that work with TeenTix to offer great experiences for teens as well as discounted tickets ($5 to be exact) to shows, exhibitions, concerts and more of which the Rep is an enthusiastic supporter. Here are the top five things I learned in my time at the 2015 Teeny Awards (in no particular order):

  1. Seattle Rep’s Lizard Boy Justin Huertas makes an excellent awards show host!
    Entertaining a professional arts audience is tough, but Justin kept the jokes coming and the laughs rolling throughout the evening. Congratulations to him and the cast of Seattle Rep’s 2014 smash hit Lizard Boy on their win of the “?! Award” for an unexpected contemporary work. Next up for Justin, hosting the Tony’s…?
  2. The Seattle Art Museum is a great place for a party.
    The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) was the generous host for the evening and made the event feel glamorous, artsy and fun. With cars (yes, real cars) hanging from the ceiling dripping with lights and all kinds of artwork lining the walls, this was the perfect venue for such a celebration. Thank you SAM and well-done TeenTix!
  3. No one should underestimate the awesomeness of free desserts.
    And don’t you forget it.
  4. TeenTix has helped procure over 58,000 arts tickets for teens since the program began 11 years ago. (About 500 teens used their TeenTix discount at the Rep last year alone!)
    Absolutely incredible! As a born-and-raised Seattlite, I was thankful as a teen to be able to take advantage of the $5 TeenTix program. Being able to access so much art was amazing. (P.S. Seattle Rep is a partnership organization, so call all your teens to use their TeenTix passes with us day-of-show!)
  5. Overall, arts organizations in Seattle are awesome.
    Someone (if not a huge group) from almost every organization nominated represented their workplace loud and proud. Everyone was extremely friendly and cheering each other on the entire night. The support of youth in the Seattle arts community was astounding and inspiring, and I am proud that Seattle Rep was a sponsor for the event!

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