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Top 10 Things I Did During My First 24 Hours in London

Braden at Royal Court
Associate Artistic Director Braden Abraham just arrived at the Royal Court Theatre in London for his residency!

The following post was written by Associate Artistic Director Braden Abraham. He just arrived in London to complete a residency at the Royal Court Theatre. He was awarded a Theatre Communications Group fellowship to study writers programs there. 

1.  Successfully purchased an Oyster Card. (My Orca Card training came in handy here.)

2.  After dropping my bags at the apartment I went immediately to the Royal Court Bar for a beer and a hamburger.  It was quite good, perhaps better because to my jet-lagged brain it was 8:00 in the morning, and when was the last time you had a beer and a hamburger at 8:00 in the morning?  Plus, I was at the Royal Court! 

3. Saw Pigeonsa tight, exuberant new play as part of the Open Court Festival. Very impressed.

4. Riding on good theater endorphins I fended off red-eye fatigue, and stayed at the bar until 11 p.m. visiting with new friends.

5. Got up at 4:30 a.m. (still jet-lagged obviously) and went for a run along a nearby canal. Da feck, you say?  I know, but what the hell else was I going to do?  Nobody was out. Streets empty in London.  It was strange, a little eerie, quite beautiful.   

6.  By 9:00 I was trying my luck at rush tickets to Chimerica at the Almeida (completely sold-out), and while standing in line I met a nice couple from Edinburgh who suggested we might fair better at the Donmar Warehouse. I took the suggestion and for $10 I got a standing room ticket to The Night Alive, Connor McPherson’s impressive, wonderfully acted new play.

7. Gritty-eyed, I had a coffee in the Covent Garden central square and people-watched.

8. Met with some awesome folks from the Royal Court staff about their new play programs.

9. Spent too much money at the National Theater Bookstore.

10. Went to bed early

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  1. ah, wish we were there with you Brado, drinking in that dark wood underground cabinet that is the royal court bar. then a meander down to the river near the chelsea hospital to flick a stone in and watch the ripples curl…


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