1. Joe Adcock

    Truly absorbing production. The material about the AIDS/Hemophilia nexus is fascinating and appalling, something of an exposé of recent history. The actors clearly know what they are doing, and don’t hold back on the strong and conflicting emotions. And the play crafting is virtuosic. Suddenly at the end the stakes go way up, no more dueling ideas, feelings and ideals, but lives on the line.

  2. Esther & Dan

    The subject was very worthy, but the play itself is too young to be worthy of a place on the Seattle Repertory Theatre stage. Much rewriting needs to be done so that it isn’t just a medical lesson; the actors were not carefully chosen to work well together; the “romance” was out of place and irrelevant, We were very disappointed having spent three hours to get to the theatre for an unprofessional production..

  3. Phyllis

    This is my first time in Seattle, visiting from Toronto Canada for three days, and I just happened to hear about this play. In Toronto a couple of years ago a play called “Tainted” was also produced about this terrible tragedy in our history. I have 2 young grandsons with severe hemophilia A. I cannot imagine the anguish and betrayal those affected. and their families, must have felt on hearing they had HIV and/or Hep C. This play reminds me again how all of us need to be ever vigilant about the safety of what we are putting in our bodies.

  4. Clare

    This work needs serious editing. The sappy ending negated some of the valuable information presented. The romance was awkward and seemed tacked on to the plot as opposed to an integral thread within the play.


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