1. Robin Amadon

    Wonderful play–sharp and fast-paced dialogue. Very clever and engaging. I’d say the costume design had me a little disbelieving as the hedge fund manager suits were more like Bargain Basement than high-tailored and sleek NYC and I suspect a high rolling Hedge Fund head would not wear a tie tack. Except for that incongruity in choice of men’s wear, I found the play entirely believable. The ending of outrage in the younger male manager was just a tad over-played. But each part pushed its points to the hilt and it worked in the play.Though strike some in the audience as hands slightly over-played. Worth seeing!

  2. Guillaume Tourniaire

    This in an incredibly tightly-written and tightly-performed play. I felt as though Aaron Sorkin had decided to leave the world of politics and media for that of high finance. The design was very impressively slick, and the performances razor-sharp and nuanced. I hope you all enjoy a great run, and I can’t wait to see these actors on the boards in other shows around Seattle.

  3. Steve Connelly

    Outstanding. Well written and performed. As a side note, parking as usual was a disaster. It is getting progressively worse and will make me think hard regarding renewing season tickets for next season.


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