2016-2017 Season

What did you think of Here Lies Love?

We want to know!  What did you think of Here Lies Love?


  1. David Anderson

    We attended with our 30 something son and daughter in law. As we walked to our car after the show our son said “We see lots of musical theater in Seattle and most of it is dated, a bit tired and often just plain boring. If there were more productions like Here Lies Love in this area the future of musical theater would be secure. It was exciting, energizing and both story and music were deeply engaging. Among our of friends I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t enjoy it?”

  2. Addi Brooks

    An amazing production. I suggest you lower the decibels, unnecessary and takes away from the experience. Also if you sit people in the balcony make sure they can see the projections – currently the fans and equipment hanging from the ceiling blocks the images.

  3. Rita Baeyen

    My husband and I loved it ! Creative, innovative, amazing talent. We had great fun dancing and being part of the action on the floor, and we are well into our sixties.


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