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What did you think of Here Lies Love?

We want to know!  What did you think of Here Lies Love?


  1. David Anderson

    We attended with our 30 something son and daughter in law. As we walked to our car after the show our son said “We see lots of musical theater in Seattle and most of it is dated, a bit tired and often just plain boring. If there were more productions like Here Lies Love in this area the future of musical theater would be secure. It was exciting, energizing and both story and music were deeply engaging. Among our of friends I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t enjoy it?”

  2. Addi Brooks

    An amazing production. I suggest you lower the decibels, unnecessary and takes away from the experience. Also if you sit people in the balcony make sure they can see the projections – currently the fans and equipment hanging from the ceiling blocks the images.

  3. Rita Baeyen

    My husband and I loved it ! Creative, innovative, amazing talent. We had great fun dancing and being part of the action on the floor, and we are well into our sixties.

  4. Jeanne Milligan

    I am so sorry to give it a C-. Three of us attended, great seats, front row balcony. We all agree on the rating. Thankfully we did not elect to be among the very uncomfortable looking herd of folks packed onto the floor. Calling it a dance floor just doesn’t fly. People stood awkwardly not knowing what to do with themselves & when there was something to do, it didn’t work. The cast was, er, lacking to say the least. It was a musical with dancing and no one could dance. & as it was a biography with the lyrics explaining the story, it was important to be able to understand the words. Sound system? Singer projection? Don’t know, but it didn’t work.

    1. Laura Hennessy

      Seriously? I was on the floor and this 61 year had the best time EVER!!!! I felt like I was part of the cast, laughed, cried and danced like crazy. I felt bad for those not down on the floor with us. The music, singing and acting was superb. I’d go back tonight if I could!

  5. mpg

    I was seated in Section A seat 8- inches away from a huge post and very close to a large boom box speaker of the DJ. In order to see the stage I practically had be become a contortionist and many times just gave up trying to see the action. We were given spongy-like ear plugs as we were going upstairs, and I had to use them because of the seat being so close to the sound system. As a result, it was difficult if not impossible to hear or understand the song lyrics. I think it was a magnificent effort but fell short when I could neither see nor hear much of the action. Apparently being on the dance floor was the place to be. These seats should never have been sold!

  6. Michael S. Milligan

    It would have been more fun if we could have understood the lyrics. The sound was over-amped and of the three of us in the balcony none (and only one certifiably hard of hearing) could get more than 1/3 of the words, which detracted terribly from the effect of the play. Overall there was more noise and lighting effect than content.

  7. Robin DiAngelo

    Wow! Impressive. Brilliant set work, costumes, and timing. Powerful singing. Super fun integration of the audience. Plus, a compelling and fascinating story. The crew as well as the cast was wonderful. I took my friend for her 60th birthday and we both had a blast – she won’t forget her special day. Don’t miss this unique production!

  8. Julia Wharton

    It was FABULOUS! My partner and I had an outstanding time singing and dancing along with the everyone. It was so much fun! We were very impressed with the set and want to shoot out to the crew who created it.

  9. Marilyn Hartje

    I thought it was an amazing staging production for the Seattle Rep. My husband and I became yearly prescribers in the 1970’s. By that comment you may guess I am no long “a spring chicken”. It was too loud for me,but still energizing. I did not think the music was all that memorable,but the jproduction itself left an impact. My personal tastes go to the Seattle Prep’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical ” A Sunday in the Park With George” which I will never forget.The lyrics spoke to me much more than the lyrics in this musical which I had a hard time understanding due to the loudness of the production. I am sure it will appeal to a much younger person than myself(now 80 years old}. I hope the Rep will have an extended run to help support the Rep. I plan to renew my prescription for next year as I enjoy great theater and the Seattle Rep always presents quality theatre.. I am doing this alone as my husband passed away on Feb. 14, 2017. He always looked forward to going and I know he would want me to continue going.

  10. Anne Morrison

    We saw, and participated in, Here Lies Love tonight. Wow! It was one fantastic experience! The music, the lights, the pics, the strobes, the actors, all combined to give us the show of the season.
    If you haven’t seen it, go!

  11. M. Phillips

    Everyone in our group loved Here Lies Love, what a fabulous immersive theatre experience. Many of us have attended productions and been on again/off again season ticket holders to the Rep for 30 yrs, we agreed unanimously that we wanted to reach out & thank the Rep for taking the financial risk to bring such an extraordinary and memorable production to Seattle. That is what a great theatre company does! Fantastic and unique theatre experience, kudos to incredible cast and brilliant designers. Well done, Seattle Rep!

  12. Bobbie Garthwaite

    Love the idea, but the audience participation felt over-engineered. The amount of obvious effort that was expended herding people around, moving platforms, etc was really distracting and lessened the emotional impact of the work. It was cool having the audience be the crowds in crowd-relevant and dancing scenes, but I think there would have been a bigger emotional connection if the set was designed for that access consistently throughout the show without having to move things all the time.

  13. ML Divina

    Glad to have decided to be on the floor!!! Absolutely loved everything! Very talented cast that is very seldom showcased in a fabulous production like this! Certainly proud and happy! Now we have to go back so that hubby can experience the fun!

  14. Margaret

    Best Theater I have seen in along time- went with my son and his girlfriend- history lesson with a beat from Fat Boy Slim (also kudos to David Byrne ❤️) Here Lies Love was relevant and current-Seattle theater tends to be stagnant so this was the boost of energy the theater scene needed! I am going to see it again!!! Now to get Byrne’s ‘Joan of Arc’ to Seattle.

  15. Sarah Greene

    We loved it! Amazing energy, memorable music (still have the title song going through my head), and being part of the action will be something we always remember. Congrats to the Rep, the cast and crew, and to Seattle for invigorating the local theatre scene by bringing this production here.

  16. Janet Mueller

    Attend Here Lies Love last night (after the rain and lighting moved through Seattle) and we had a great time! My husband and I saw the performance in NYC and this production was every bit as much fun. So happy to see many of the same actors in this production. They were clearly enjoying themselves!
    One note: we were in the balcony and there were a few times when it was hard to hear the words being sung over the music when the actor was at the opposite the balcony.
    Keep bringing these unique, fun, original pieces of musical theater to Seattle!

  17. pkkrd

    We attended the May 7 matinee performance. The performers, despite a limited, crowded, and sometimes moving stage, did a great job and it was fun to be able to see from above a lot of the hidden scene and costume changes . The sound equipment was so faulty most of the always important dialogue was lost. The gallery we were in was more like an iron cage. Could not see anything without standing all the way through the performance, and still lost a lot of the action then. It was a huge endeavor to bring this exciting show to Seattle, and I do appreciate that, but seating, other than the traditional seating, and sound did not make the cut. The crowd on the ‘dance floor’ had to be so manipulated it looked more like a cattle show. I do appreciate the Rep so much, and have enjoyed all the other performances I’ve attended, but have to give this a C- for audience availability, seating, and overall understanding of dialogue.

  18. Garrett

    WOW! What can I say. I go see lots of theatre. I was visiting Seattle for the weekend from Vancouver, BC and took in Here Lies Love. I was familiar with the score because I am a huge David Byrne fan, but had never seen the show. WOW! What an amazing show, set, staging, cast, choreography, singing, lighting. I was on the floor and did not find it difficult at all to be standing for the length of the production. It was so moving; both the set , audience and of course the performance that I forgot I wasn’t sitting in a seat in the orchestra. The only negative thing I can say is that I wont get to see it a second time around. If anyone in the Seattle area has the chance to see this; I highly recommend you do so before it leaves town. WOW!

  19. Patrice

    I was disappointed with the audio since it was much too loud but when I used ear plugs i couldn’t understand the words. Before seeing the show, I was under the impression that there would be lots of dancing opportunities for the audience but there were not.

  20. Jerry McLaughlin

    Most unique theater and music entertainment experience ever. Consider doing something semilar based on the life and music of Selena or another latino i.e. Ritchie Valens.

  21. Marty Wilcher

    We absolutely enjoyed the show last night! Thank you Seattle Rep for taking the chance on Here Lies Love production. And thank you David Byrne and Fatboy Slim for creating this original immersive musical experience! We took my sister Susan who was visiting from LA for her birthday. There was no doubt we had to get the general main floor tickets and be part of the scene dancing and immersing ourselves in the story telling. There were so many interesting facts we didn’t even know. I remember blurting out “we were there” when martial law was declared. I even got to line dance with “Marcos”. Props to the stage crew who flawlessly worked the stage and guiding us as if we were truly part of the show. The cast and crew did a fantabulous job to say the least. Thank you Seattle for hosting this extraordinary musical. A must see. Go get your tickets now and don’t miss out!!!


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