1. Karen Hansen

    I am a clinical social worker with 40 years of experience and saw the play last night. I found it believable and well acted, and also felt it had social relevance in trying to educate about the realities of Foster Care and the child welfare system. I think the issues of sexual abuse, addiction, mental illness and suicide, and difficult family dynamics were all conveyed in a tasteful yet real way. Thanks for having the courage to produce this show! Karen Hansen LICSW

  2. winky

    30 women ages 23 to 63 came to see the play with me tonight. the buzz afterwards was amazing. they loved it and i can’t wait to discuss it further with them all. do what you can to carve out some talk time once the play is over as there is so much character development. pamela reed is stunning and the rest of the cast is up to her game. not a show to miss.

  3. Eugene Normand

    Your production of Luna Gale was extremely riveting. It deals with a situation commonly encountered in current American society centered around foster families and the problems that can sometimes arise within them, remaining hidden until unexpectedly exposed. It was very well played by the entire cast, including the nationally regarded Pamela Reed, but also by all of the other actors, in particular those who played Karlie, Peter and Cindy.

    The set was very cleverly constructed on an oval track, to allow different scene backdrops to be quickly moved into place. However, one aspect of the set that I found annoying was the use of pairs of horizontal fluorescent light bulbs spread out across the set, serving both lighting and decorative functions. Instead, I found these lights to be more distracting than anything else.

  4. Ginny

    I am a psychologist and “ditto” what Karen Hansen wrote on March 5. Also, I have two friends who are Volunteer Guardian Ad Litems, called VGAL’s in Washington, CASA volunteers in other states, and am considering volunteering for training in this much needed role of court advocate for children in foster care. I understand that the training prepares you well for this role. You do not have to be a mental health or child specialist. I also understand that you can limit the number and type of cases you take as well as the geographic area in which you wish to serve. Something for any of us who were moved by the play to consider.

  5. Helene

    Excellent work by all the actors; especially Pamela Reed. I liked the fact that all the main characters were complex and multi dimensional people in a complicated and important situation/decision. Social workers are overworked and under appreciated for the emotionally wrenching work that they often do. I hope our society and government recognize this and fixes it. I found the play haunting in a good way. I am thinking about it a lot today after seeing it last night. Thank you for a moving play.

  6. Mack McCoy

    It’s been a great run of well-acted, well-produced, well-staged plays. Congratulations to all.

    This play needs help. There was little dynamic in the production, it ran at 7 throughout until the end when Caroline appears dejected and exhausted, which is fine for the character but not for the audience which should be rooting for her. The effect was that the performance read more like “a day in the life;” like a snippet of reality TV with several equivalent story lines, rather than the strong story line of Peter & Karlie strung on the backbone of Caroline’s professional stresses.

    Ending the first half on what appears to be Caroline’s unethical coaching just feels capricious rather than heartfelt. That just gives us the entire intermission to doubt Caroline, and the redemption is not satisfying enough. Pushing Karlie a little harder or having her give the audience a clue that Caroline just might be on to something would have made a better transition.

    It’s a great vehicle for reminding play goers that social workers have it rough, but as a play, there are some opportunities to create more vibrant distinctions between the characters.

  7. David Campbell

    I’m not a professional, but I’ve never seen anything so brilliantly written nor perfectly acted that came so close to looking like so many people in my personal past and present.
    JESUS, that preacher scared me-and my aunts, that composite of all 10 or 12 of them….
    And the tweakers! We see them everyday at work, at the store, some more obvious, some “in control” like these-until they’re not.
    Thank you, hope you’re not permanently scarred from being involved with this production.

  8. Eleanor Hoague

    An unusually well-crafted and outstandingly acted play. The switcheroos were effectively inserted such that our preconceptions were being challenged throughout. The topic was one I thought I would not be interested in, but ended up being totally wrong. I just wish that I could do more than watch.

    From the not too quiet whispered asides from the people behind us were convinced after the very first scene that laws “otta be changed” such that the children of druggie parents should be taken away, willy-nilly. By the end of the play they certainly had a different opinion. It opened their minds. What a play!

  9. Esther Darrow

    This whole play totally had my undivided attention. So well written and carried out by all. The set, as always, was wonderful. Excellent opportunity to bring this problem of our society to the attention of people who do not really know what is going on outside of their own little sphere. I did have a problem with the sound. When actors had their back to me I could not hear them. I could have gotten a hearing device, but should the entire audience have to have hearing devices!?

  10. Tracy

    Loved this play. This season has had such a variety of presentations, which is why I enjoy the Rep so much. This play, as well as “Constellations”, dealt with difficult subject matters that were presented in such a way that kept you riveted and engaged with the actors. Kudos to everyone involved with this play, It’s one I wish everyone could see.

  11. Terry Dessert

    Well done, beautifully acted. The subtleties of dialogue and body language brought these characters to life. Drew Highlands energized the stage with each appearance. His portrayal of a man entirely in love with his baby and ready to sacrifice everything to get her back was an uplifting message, If only all of the roadblocks to a peaceful life could be surmounted and if only each child in the world could have functioning, loving families.

  12. Anna

    I’m so very glad I saw this and wished I had known about it before last week. (I see that I missed two opportunities for a lively after-play discussion with people “in” the system. Very disappointed about that!) Still, I got to attend the production tonight, and it did not disappoint. The set transitions were brilliant – creative AND practical. The actors seemed genuine, and the dialogue unstrained. However, I agree with Mack McCoy that the play itself was lacking – for me it lacked depth, especially given the topic at hand. I read the interview of the writer, Rebecca Gilman, in the program and was expecting something different, something more. However, the story touched on some significant fairly true-to-life issues about social work in the Seattle area – over-worked social workers with an incredibly overflowing caseload working within a system that desperately needs overhaul. Hopefully the play planted a seed within some hearts of the desire to act.


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