1. Gerald Clare

    Thoroughly enjoyed this play. I knew how it would end and at times during the play this disappoineted me. But what I did not know was how powerfully the characters would engage each other and that was the antidote to a predictable outcome. The acting was performed with deftness and nuance. The language of the script was, for me, delightful in in its nuance and intelligence.

    The play is full of heart and originality, which is not easy in a love story, which after all has been done before. But the characters are sincere and believable. You know where they’re going but you can’t see how they’re going to get there. I was entertained and I was touched, what more do you want.

    I shouldn’t fail to mention the set design which was remarkable but did not get in the way of the humanity of the night.

    If you enjoy theatre go see this production, it is, frankly, quite wonderful.

  2. Ashley Podplesky

    This was such a fantastic production! I read the play less than 24 hours before I saw the performance, and I was still caught off guard at times and laughing hysterically at others. All four cast members were incredibly believable in their roles, and their comedic timing was on point. The set was wonderful, and only enforced the authenticity of the story.Thank you, Seattle Rep, and best wishes for a great run to all involved!

  3. Eugene Normand

    John Patrick Shanley’s play, Outside Mullingar, was extremely well done by the Seattle Rep. At first, since the playwright is an Irish-American, I was afraid that it was going to be one of those extremely depressing plays that the Irish are known for and which the Rep has put on in the past (Dancing at Lughnasa, The Beauty Queen of Leenane etc). Fortunately, that wasn’t the case at all, and this play had a sweetness to it that was very enjoyable. Although we, the audience could not tell how he was going to achieve the final happy outcome, there was an inevitability to that kind of ending which Shanley could not disguise.
    Certain elements of the play were very cleverly interwoven, such as the role played by the wedding/engagement ring. It may almost seem to be a metaphor for the overarching theme that these two people were intended for one another all along, but somehow, like what happened to the ring, they lost their way, and had to be reunited with their true feelings.
    The after-play session with Mr. Shanley was very worthwhile and illuminating. He certainly has a feel for how his characters should speak and act, which is very captivating. To realize that these characters are modeled after real people in Ireland, some of whom are his family members and who he would visit with his father, gives the play an authenticity and power that I found moving.

  4. Linda H

    I enjoyed this play very much. It is hard to blend pathos and comedy but all of the actors made it happen. What a nice way to end the season.

  5. David Malcolm

    i liked this play – quite refreshingly, entertaining while not too totally unlikely. i did not anticipate the ending – perhaps i should have.

  6. Pat M

    Quite simply the best play of the year! The actors were outstanding, the set was wonderfully designed, and, most notably, the play is brilliant!!

  7. Robert Post

    I thought the play was well done, and I enjoyed it. However, the music before it started was very loud and sounded atrocious. I’d fire the person who chooses the music.

  8. Christine J Smith

    I was disappointed. I attended with my mom who has had seasons tickets for years. First with my dad and now with me. We love the rep. However this play was so heavy handed and poorly written I thought that I felt trapped. Maybe that was the intent but it felt like beating a dead horse and I actually enjoyed the playwright’s other work. I loved August Wilson’s Piano this season – it was about turmoil and family strife but I identified with the characters. Not in this case. It seems as though many people loved it so that is good. Really looking forward to Sherlock Holmes. I am not an Irish playwright basher – loved Long Days Journey.

  9. Patty

    I really enjoyed this production. Beautifully cast and acted, and a wonderful script. This is exactly the kind of thing I HOPE FOR when I purchase a theatre ticket. I appreciated the casting of people with ordinary body types, and the skill of all involved. Again…more set does not necessarily equal more enjoyment. Save your money on revolving sets and put it into other areas – great acting trumps all. I did feel that the jarringly loud and sentimental sound cue at the end of the show was unnecessary…but that being said, I would overwhelmingly recommend this production. Thanks, Seattle Rep!


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