What did you think of Woody Sez?

We want to know!  What did you think of Woody Sez?


  1. Ed Rosney

    Thank you SRT, cast and crew for Woody Sez!

    A creative and compelling look at Woody’s journey. An inspired and inspiring blend of music and message!

  2. Don Fleming

    Man, that was a fun, entertaining show. It may not deal fully with the depth and complexity of Woody’s life and politics, but I have rarely seen a more engaging performer. he combines superb musicianship with amazingly relaxed and confident movement and acting skills. A joy to see and hear!

    Roll on, Woody Sez!

  3. Zinda Foster

    I rarely leave a musical without one or two songs on my lips. After “Woody Sez” I left with an entire album in my heart and in my pocket. What a wonderful trip down memory lane that is once again relevant.

  4. Midge Anderson Carstensen

    The talent is phenomenal!! The music illustrates the history of that era and the perils of the Great Depression. He was a voice for those who couldn’t speak.

  5. Joe Powers

    This was an Amazing Show. The cast members are talented beyond imagination. High energy intermingled with story telling that will tug at your heart strings. Thank you very much!

  6. Herman Gilman

    My sister and I loved Woody Sez. The direction, performances and aura that the play shares with the audience is remarkable. Overall, the storytelling of such an important person in the mid-20th century who gave voice and recognition to those human beings whose lives were economically challenged by the failures of the capitalist economic system of the 1920’s thru 1940’s, thru song and humor. A truly remarkable production.

  7. Evangeline Domingo Keefe

    Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. The cast was wonderfully talented; and the Rep crew and staff certainly continue to inspire Seattle. With Woody”s timeless music and life story…socially and politically relevant in the “best of times” and the “worst of times”, you are offering hope and unity. Contrary, to those who might think any artists’ side political comments detracting from the “entertainment” quality of Woody’s music and life, I think that Woody would have thoroughly agreed with controversial statements. I found it a natural extension of his music and I think he would welcome discussion of this sort. I applaud this timely work of art.
    Evangeline Domingo Keefe, Retired RN and SEIU Hlthcare 1199 member

  8. Mary Hallowell

    Loved the show! But I wondered why the the “Roll On Columbia” piece was not in the main part of the show (only in the encores), nor was it on the promotional CD I bought. It is probably the most popular of his songs to Washingtonians.
    Mary Hallowell


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